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#AtHomeWithWalters with Creative Director Elliott Muscat

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our ongoing series #AtHomeWithWalters, where we go into members of our communities' closets and chat all things shoes + shoe care with them. This time, we got to chat with Elliott Muscat.

ABOUT ELLIOTT: Elliott is a creative director. He spends his time working with brands and musicians developing rollout campaigns and unique assets. He also runs Capsul, which is an art gallery studio that supports local emerging creators. 

What's your favourite pair of shoes and why?
Fave shoe is the Clarke Wallabee. Most comfortable and goes with any outfit at anytime. Very rare for a brother indeed.

What's your favourite Walter's product?
The leather cleaner works like a charm. I even use it on my rare furniture pieces.

What's the most you've ever spent on a pair of shoes?
I’ve spent $1200 on a pair of YSL boots that I wore once. I’m desperately trying to sell them on grailed but no one will take them! Why! Why I say!

High top or low?
Low top. Just swaggier. 

First pair of shoes you bought with your own money?
First pair of shoes I bought with my own money would have to be the Nike shox. I was in Italy and trying to impress the raggazze’s. It didn’t work unfortunately. 

Ever had a pair of shoes suffer a premature death?
Never wear nice shoes skateboarding. Once kickflip = explosion party. 

How did your passion for shoes start?
I love fashion overall. Shoes can make or break a fit. Attention to detail is most important.