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#AtHomeWithWalters w/ Casey Pereira

Welcome to the first entry of our ongoing series #AtHomeWithWalters, where we'll be going into members of our communities' closets and chatting all things shoes with them. First up: Casey Pereira. 

ABOUT CASEY: Casey is a multidisciplinary designer. She is Walter's Brand Manager and co-founder of Crown Mas @crownmasto and Mitsu @mitsu.ikebaby.

How did your passion for shoes start?

I’ve always been a creature of comfort and preferred sneakers. I was always very interested in sneaker design. In University I studied Environmental Design which is the study of space.

My Thesis project focused on the hidden function in architecture and sneaker design, and how they relate. Also, my grandfather’s family were cobblers in the Açores, Portugal - but that could just be a coincidence.

What's your favourite pair of shoes and why?

Yikes. This can’t be a short answer. A classic Nike Cortez is my go to. I love my Nike Shox right now. My Ricardo Tisci AF1 Boots are a favorite collaboration. 

I also love my Adidas Zx 8000 'Goodfoot' - I got a pair while working at Goodfoot Calgary before they closed. They are still one of my favourite sneakers. 

Gotta support a Canadian collaboration and they were made with recycled materials; which wasn’t as common in 2008.

Lastly, I just acquired a pair of purple Balenciaga, Knife over-the-knee boots. I think they will soon be on my favourites list.

What's your favourite Walter's product?

Clean Wipes and Gel Cleaner.  I travel a lot and these are both great products to pack. I love that the Gel Cleaner is in an all-in-one bottle, and I find myself using the wipes not just on shoes.

Clean Wipes are also great for consistent everyday cleaning.  I have a good rotation, but a quick wipe after every wear helps so much. These 2 products are eco-friendly too which is great!

What's the most you've ever spent on a pair of shoes?

I bought Isabel Marant Bekett high-top sneakers in Paris in like 2010. I think they were around $700. I was young at the time so it was definitely a splurge. 

High top or low?

I generally find myself wearing more lows and running shoes but some Jordans and Blazers I prefer high tops.

Stiletto or chunky heel?

Its rare to catch me in heels, but I would lean towards a chunky heel.  

First pair of shoes you bought with your own money?

2006 Jordan 4 Military Blue’s - I still have them, they aren’t doing too well haha

Ever had a pair of shoes suffer a premature death?

Any sneakers I've worn for J’Ouvert in Trinidad have not survived. J’Ouvert is a celebration that involves being covered in paint, powder, mud, oil etc.