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#AtHomeWithWalters w/ Chi Chen

Welcome to the third instalment of our ongoing series #AtHomeWithWalters, where we go into members of our communities' closets and chat all things shoes + shoe care with them. This time, we got to chat with Chi Chen.

ABOUT CHI: Originally a co-founder and managing director of 56 INC., a digital design studio based in Toronto, Chi recently sold his equity to his partners to create more time for his other passions. He is currently investing in a couple new ventures as well as working on a few personal projects aligned with his passions including 3D design, furniture design and architecture. 

What's your favourite pair of shoes and why?
This is a tough question because that can change depending on the season and fit. I use to practically sleep in my Rick Owens Ramones and they’re so worn down that the soles need to be replaced soon. That’s the look I like for them anyways. However, I love my Nike x Sacai Waffles as well. The design is so clean and not flashy at all. To the regular observer they may just be another pair of Nikes but true sneaker heads will appreciate them.

What's your favourite Walter's product?
I really like Eco-Protect since it's the only eco-friendly protector I've come across, and the Clean Wipes are essential.

What's the most you've ever spent on a pair of shoes?
I’d rather not say but over $1k.

High top or low?
High top Jordans, Low top dunks.

First pair of shoes you bought with your own money?
I had these old And 1 joints I bought in Grade 7 for the basketball team. They were white with small baby blue writing and even had Chinese writing on it I think. If anybody can find those, send me a link.
Ever had a pair of shoes suffer a premature death?
All the time

How did your passion for shoes start?
Definitely started from playing basketball and the culture of basketball teams. Then later on in high school, I started working at Athlete's World so we always got employee discounts for all the new shoes. Except Jordans, you could only use your allotted work uniform discount to get those once every few months for yourself.