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Cleaning Cloth


Soft, absorbent and lint-free cleaning towel. Non-abrasive. Great for general cleaning of your shoes. 1 cloth -- Directions: this towel...

Charcoal Deodorizer


Great deodorizer for shoes, drawers and gym bags. Eco-friendly air neutralizer that uses activated charcoal from coconut shells. Naturally absorbs...

Odour Zorbs


Compact air freshener. Deodorizes smelly shoes. Turn top to activate refreshing scent. Replace every 4 weeks for maximum freshness.   ...

Cedar Shoe Tree


100% cedar wood absorbs moisture and deodorizes shoes naturally. Suited for most dress and casual shoes. Adjustable shoetrees help preserve...

Stretch Laces


Simple elastic lacing system. Suited for most lace-up shoes. For 1 pair of shoes. Includes 1 pair of laces, and...

Shoe Horn


Helps ease heel into shoe. Suited for all men’s and women’s dress and casual shoes. Attractive tortoise shell design. 23”...

Suede and Nubuck Brush


Remove stains and spots. Suited for all types of shoes including suede. German, high-quality multi-function brush. 1 brush -- Directions:...

Polishing Brush


100% horsehair brush buffs and shines shoes quickly. Suited for smooth leather shoes. Responsibly  made using wood from the Black...

Shoe Bag


Large enough to hold 1 pair of mens size 14 shoes. Durable canvas quality. Great for storing shoes safely; great...

Vegan Leather Shine


Effectively removes dirt and stains, and works to restore shine on synthetic leathers. 118ml. Eco Friendly Water Based Formula 100%...